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Digital Equity and Data Defense

The Digital/Data Defense project focuses on developing resources to help our local community members make informed decisions using (and about) personal and public data. This year, the CEDI lab is asking “How can we improve personal and civic data access and dignity for traditionally marginalized people in the Triangle? How can we help individuals make decisions about data and using data, that prioritize their own best interests, and the interests of their families and communities?” We are currently creating a series of data toolkits to help members of our local communities as they navigate issues that are important to community members.

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4th Trimester Project Partnership

The CEDI lab collaborates with the 4th Trimester Project to bring together new moms, birth workers, health care providers, researchers, public health professionals, community leaders, and other stakeholders from across the U.S. to identify unmet postpartum health needs, build knowledge, and create solutions. The 4th Trimester Project team is based in the UNC Center for Maternal and Infant Health and includes partners from a range of academic, clinical, and policy perspectives. The project team has just launched

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CEDI Community Lab at CAARE

This project will include the following themes:

  • Community Data & Tech Literacy
  • Community Health, Data and Information
  • Community Organization Data Toolkits & Training